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 Parents and Students: We have been notified of an important change to crosswalks near the school that will begin OCTOBER 22.

From October 22 on, the crosswalk at the intersection of 8200 South and Skyline Arch Drive will be CLOSED to improve traffic flow. No guards will be posted at this intersection, and students need to not attempt to cross at this intersection or at any point along Skyline Arch Drive before 8305 South. A West Jordan Police officer will be on site to assist with directing traffic, and students who jaywalk or cross mid-block may be cited.

Crossing guards will be stationed at the intersection of Skyline Arch Drive and 8305 South. This is the only intersection where students should cross Skyline Arch Drive.

Additionally, parents are strongly encouraged to avoid dropping off students along 8200 South at the north edge of the school property. Students dropped off here must cross through the bus drop-off area. As we move into winter weather, it becomes more difficult for students to safely cross this lot and for buses to safely drive and deliver students.

Questions or concerns should be directed to West Jordan City or the West Jordan Police Department.

Parents & Guardians,
With the boundary changes that are coming, the Sunset Ridge PTSA is losing 85% of it's board members.  Those of you who know you are staying at SRMS next year, we need your help to fill those vacancies. Please consider volunteering now for these upcoming jobs so that you can be trained by the people currently doing them.
Available positions are:
  • President
  • President Elect (will take over for president for 20-21 school year)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Reflections (coordinates Reflections Arts contest)
  • PTSA Student Adviser (works with students to plan in school activities & service opportunities)
  • Memory book (works with students to create yearbook)
  • Hospitality (feed teacher & staff during parent teacher conferences)
  • Membership Vice President (runs the PTSA membership drive)
  • Legislative Vice President
  • Communications (gets PTSA announcements out to families & staff)
  • Family Life (coordinates evening family school activities)
  • T-Shirts (coordinates SRMS t-shirt sales)
If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please email our PTSA president at

Sunset Ridge Middle School

Home of the Falcons

October 8-12, 2018

Monday, October 8

  • TA: Counseling Office Presentation
  • Lunch: Chicken Alfredo

Every day is an opportunity to make a difference. How will you spend your day?

Tuesday, October 9

  • iFlight
  • Lunch: Southwest Nachos
  • ​​​​​​​School Community Council, 6:30 PM
Heads Up!

  • Vision screenings on Wednesday are for all 7th graders, special education students, and those students new to the district.
  • Volunteers are needed to assist with Vision Screenings. If you are available Wednesday morning, please contact our PTSA President here.
  • Volunteers are also needed to assist with 9th Grade Reality Town on October 30. Please contact the Counseling Office if you are available!
Wednesday, October 10

  • Counseling Office Dress Up Day: Crazy Socks
  • iFlight
  • Lunch: Pork Roast Dinner
  • Vision Screenings
Thursday, October 11

  • iFlight
  • Lunch: Sweet & Sour Chicken
  • MESA, 3:00 PM @ Media Center
  • ​​​​​​​Band & Orchestra Concert, 6:00 PM
Friday, October 12

  • Late Start
  • Lunch: French Toast

Monday, October 1

  • TA: Grade Check
    Lunch: Calzone
    Counseling Suicide Prevention lessons in Geography

Every day is an opportunity to make a difference. How will you spend your day?

Tuesday, October 2

  • iFlight
  • Lunch: Burrito
    Counseling Suicide Prevention lessons in Geography
Heads Up!

  • Information on the boundary change process, including maps, timelines, and a link to the Parent Survey, is available at
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on October 3 from 4-8 PM (with a CNS "Boo to the Flu" Flu Shot Clinic from 4-7) and October 4 from 4-7:30. These conferences will be held in an open house style in teacher's classrooms and will not be Student-led Conferences.
  • There will be no school on Friday, October 5.
Wednesday, October 3

  • iFlight
  • Lunch: Drumstick Dinner
  • Counseling Suicide Prevention lessons in US History
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences, 4-8 PM
  • Flu Shot Clinic, 4-7 PM
Thursday, October 4

  • iFlight
  • Lunch: Teriyaki Rice Bowl
  • Failing Notices in Skyward
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences, 4-7:30
Friday, October 5

  • No School

Copper Hills High is happy to welcome our current ninth grade students to attend home football games for free with a Student ID (until Student IDs arrive, use the Skyward app or a printout from your Skyward account to show you are a current ninth grader).

In addition to an expectation of respect and appropriate behavior, Copper Hills would like to remind our ninth grade students (and their parents) of the following game day expectations:

  • Students entering the stadium are required to remain in the stadium. Re-entry will not be allowed without an accompanying adult.
  • Inside the school and other areas of campus are closed and off limits to unsupervised students.
  • Stadium hills and other grassy areas are off limits to unsupervised students.
  • Students should join the standing student section in the stands or be seated in the stands among other patrons.
  • Students are asked to leave the stadium when the first bank of stadium lights are turned off.

We appreciate the way our Freshman Falcons handle themselves appropriately during the school day and encourage you to continue to demonstrate your excellence in behavior at the high school.

Did you know that middle school students can start earning scholarships for college now? Check out some scholarships you can apply for in September on our Counseling Center Website or click here to go directly to the webpage!
“Going after scholarships is living a few years of your life like most students won’t, so that you can live the rest of your life like most students can’t…with no or very few student loans.” — Gabrielle McCormick