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Photo of Crystal Ahre
Crystal Ahre Fine Arts
Work 1508
Photo of Terri Austin
Terri Austin Attendance Assistant
Photo of Nicole Barnett
Nicole Barnett Nutrition Services
Photo of Erin Barney
Erin Barney School Counselor Intern C-E
Work Phone: 801-412-2498
Photo of Cathy Bearden
Cathy Bearden Language Arts
Home 2104
Photo of Jeffrey Bennett
Jeffrey Bennett Engineering Tech CTE
Photo of Mindy Broadwater
Mindy Broadwater Hall Monitor
Photo of Jeff Bryant
Work Portable 1
Photo of Harriet Cherry
Harriet Cherry Classroom Aide
Photo of Kim Christensen
Kim Christensen Special Education
Work 1307
Photo of Gilberto Cisneros
Gilberto Cisneros Business CTE
Home 1308
Photo of Erin Clelland
Work 2108
Photo of Roseangela Cook
Roseangela Cook Nutrition Services
Photo of Susan Cotter
Susan Cotter Language Arts
Home Portable 2
Photo of Maryjane Covey
Maryjane Covey School Counselor Intern A-B
Work Phone: 801-412-2496
Photo of Missy Craven
Missy Craven Dance Mindfulness Yoga
Work 2403