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Sunset Ridge Students, Parents/Guardians and Community Members,

I apologize for the lengthy email/post. There is a lot of information that we would like to share and we hope you will find it useful. 

First and foremost, what weighs heaviest on our minds is the health and well-being of each member of our school community.  We are looking forward to having everyone back in school on November 30, 2020. We know how hard everyone is working to keep each other safe and we can’t thank you enough for your continued efforts to reduce the spread of COVID 19 in our community. While we may not be in school, the only way we will be able to return to in-person learning is if we continue to follow the safety protocols we have been practicing for the last few months, and we help others do the same. I know you are tired of social distancing, wearing masks and not being around friends and family as much as you’d like, but now is not the time to throw caution to the wind. Now, more than ever, we need to adhere to the guidelines established by the Salt Lake County Health Department and take precautions to keep one another safe and well. We are asking that our community help us by doing the following:

  • When you are not at home, wear a cloth face mask that covers the nose and chin and fits snuggly on the sides. Make sure the material is not see through when held up to the light.  
  • Continue to wash hands, and use hand sanitizer as needed.
  • Practice social distancing (6 feet).
  • Limit social gatherings to those you live with until November 23rd (or until a new date is announced by the Governor).
  • Make wise decisions outside of the school environment.
  • If a student has even one COVID symptom, please have him/her stay home.
  • If someone in your household gets tested, please wait until the results come back negative before having any student attend school.
  • Parents, please carefully consider what activities you are promoting and encouraging your students to attend. Please be responsible with masks and social distancing.
  • When students are exposed to someone who has tested positive, they need to quarantine for 14 days from the date of exposure or be tested with a negative result no sooner than 7 days after the date of exposure in order to return to school. 

Thank you for your help and support!



Lunch will be served daily. This is a “Grab and Go” lunch meaning that you may enter the north parking entrance, drive past the north doors and around the building to the cafeteria doors. Students will need to exit the vehicle and walk up to the cafeteria doors to pick-up their lunch and their breakfast for the next morning. In addition, we will have snack bags and weekend meal bags available for pick-up in the foyer where students will pick up their meals. Walking students are welcome. If you are in need of assistance, please contact Pat Orr ( in our Counseling Center. 


The calendar has been altered to account for missing school today. Please check the school calendar on our website if you are not sure if it is an A Day or a B Day. Classes will be held daily. Teachers will provide a link to their secure virtual classroom on their CANVAS home page. There is an explicit expectation that students log on, attend each one of their classes, and complete the corresponding assignments for that day.​ These assignments will be a part of students’ 2nd quarter grades. For a list of teachers and links to each teacher’s CANVAS homepage, click here or refer to the News Feed on our website.


Online Learning Bell Schedule 11/12/2020



Sunset Ridge will continue to use the HERO app to select students for intervention sessions. Students can log in to their HERO account to see who has requested them and which session they have been requested to attend. Parents should receive an email indicating who has requested their student and for what type of intervention. Parents will also receive an email if their student does not attend the intervention/extension session. For Parent Access to HERO, please review this powerpoint and set up your Parent Account. 


Students who need to pick up instruments, handouts, supplies etc. may come to the Main Entrance between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM on Thursday, November 12th and Friday, November 13th to retrieve those items.


If you do not have access to the internet, or to report an issue with a student’s ChromeBook, please call the Main Office 801-412-2475.


Counselors will be available over the phone and/or virtually to meet with students and/or parents/guardians during the closure. Please email your/your students counselor to schedule a virtual appointment.  


We anticipate that all students will return to school on Monday, November 30th. All active cases within Sunset Ridge and all school initiated exposure quarantines will have expired at that time. We are hopeful that each of you will not only do your part, but lead the way in flattening the curve so that a return to in-person instruction is possible. COVID-19 case counts at all schools and buildings in the District can be found on the Jordan COVID-19 Dashboard. The dashboard can be accessed at ​​

Let us continue to work together through these truly unprecedented times. To our school community, take care of yourselves, take care of each other and to our Falcons, remember we love you! TOGETHER, we are UNSTOPPABLE!

Sunset Ridge Admin. Team


Parents, Students and Community Members,

School registration is open. If you have signed up for Online Learning, In-Person Learning or a Hybrid Model, you will still register your student at Sunset Ridge. To register your student, please click on the A+ (Gradebook) icon below. That will take you to your Skyward login screen. You will need your Parent Login and Password. If you do not have a login or password, please call us at 801-412-2475 for assistance. Friday evening Sunset Ridge sent a text message asking parents to check their email for our Return - to - School Plan, Block Schedule Plan and bell schedule for the coming year. If you did not receive a text message or email, please make sure your contact information (phone number, cell number, home address and email) in Skyward is accurate. Our primary method of communicating with families is through the Skyward's Skylert system via phone message, text message and email. Sunset Ridge will also post information to our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To access registration instructions click here. To access the Return-to-School Plan, click here. To access the Block Schedule, bell schedule and important dates, click here.

Check-Out Procedures 

Return of school property (Chromebooks, textbooks, calculators, library books, etc.) and pick-up of student property (locker items, PE locker items, classwork, art work and Memory Book) will begin June 1, 2020. In order to practice social distancing, each family will sign up for a Return/Pick-Up appointment through Online Scheduler in Skyward. You may begin signing up for appointments on May 26, 2020. June 1st and June 2nd, appointments will be for Freshmen and Freshman family members only. 7th, 8th, and 9th grade families may schedule appointments for June 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th. 

All Freshmen and students leaving Sunset Ridge are required to return their Chromebooks. Click Here for additional information on Chromebook return. 

Freshmen and students not returning to Sunset Ridge will be fined for  school property that is not returned.

7th and 8th Grade students remaining at Sunset Ridge will keep their Chromebooks. 

For 7th and 8th Grade students/parents: Chromebooks checked out to you will remain assigned to you for as long as you are at Sunset Ridge (per our User Agreement). Contrary to the User Agreement, you will keep your Chromebook for the summer. Please continue to honor your User Agreement, take care of your device, and have it charged and ready to go on our first day back. If you have any questions about use or care of the device, please check our website News Feed for the Chromebook User Agreement or call 801-567-8999. 

Return/Pick-up Procedures:

This will be a drive through event. Parents, please drive in to the far south entrance. Proceed west through the gate. Drive around the rear of the building. Stop at each of the Return/Pick-Up stations. Exit the drive through area into the bus parking area. Exit bus parking through the North west exit. 

Station 1: Student Identification - Write your name on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper (as big as you can) and place it on the dash of the car. 

Station 2: Drop Off - Chromebook, Library Books, Calculators, Textbooks, etc. 

Station 3: Pick-Up  - Locker, PE Locker, and Classroom Items

Station 4: Pick-Up - Artwork

Station 5: Drop Off - School-Owned Band/Orchestra Instruments, Music Binder

Station 6: Pay Fines (If Applicable)

Station 7: Pick-Up - Memory Books and Awards 

Grading Policy - 4th Quarter - 2020

Students, Parents and Community Members of Sunset Ridge Middle School,

Our focus at Sunset Ridge has been 1) our students being able to demonstrate a year's worth of academic growth in a year’s time; 2) that none of our students leave Sunset Ridge credit deficient; and 3) that our students know, everyday, they are ours, they are loved and we believe in who they are and who they will become. 

In these truly remarkable times, we want to work with our students, parents and community members to keep our students engaged in the learning process with the academic support they need through the end of the school year (June 5, 2020). In an effort to reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with learning in a new and different way, some in homes where they may not have enough to eat, they may have a sick family member, they may be sick themselves, or their family is experiencing economic hardship, we hope to offer some relief by making some changes to how learning is being reflected in teacher gradebooks and on report cards. 

Beginning at 8:00 a.m., May 26, 2020, if students (or parents) are concerned about a grade a student has earned, the student (or parent) may complete the Grade Change Request Form. Students (or parents) must complete a grade change form if they would prefer a P rather than an A, A-, B+, B, or B- . Grades of C+ or lower will automatically be changed to a P on June 5th. However, if a student (or parent) would prefer to have the C+, C, C-, D+, D, or D- rather than a P, a grade change form must be completed. You must complete a separate grade change form for each class in which you are requesting a grade change. No failing grades (F’s) will be issued. All failing grades will automatically convert to No Credit (NC’s) at the end of the term. (Please see the 4th Quarter Grading Policy for clarification and additional information). 

It is our recommendation that students (or parents) wait until all assignments and assessments have been completed, submitted and graded, before requesting a grade change. From May 26th thru June 4th, students will be able to turn in missing assignments, complete assigned work, re-take assessments, etc. The last day to turn in assignments, re-take assessments, etc. is June 4th. Grade change requests will be posted June 5th. Students/Parents will have until noon on June 8th to review grades and ensure that the grades posted in Skyward accurately reflect the grades the student earned or requested. Grades will not be finalized until the end of the quarter (June 8, 2020). It is our hope these changes will help to alleviate some of the school related stress and anxiety you and/or your family may be experiencing.

The following letter grades will be issued for 4th Quarter:  A, A-, B+, B, B-, P (pass), or NC (no credit).

No failing grades (F’s) will be issued. All failing grades will automatically convert to No Credit (NC’s) at the end of the term.

 The following exceptions will be made upon student/parent request:

  • All A’s and B’s will remain on 4th quarter report cards, UNLESS a student or parent requests that it be converted to a P (pass).
  • C’s and D’s will automatically be converted to a P (pass), UNLESS a student or parent requests otherwise
  • In order to request a grade change a student/parent will need to go to the “Daily Agenda – Grade Change Request” spreadsheet either in Falcon’s Lair on the Announcement page or on our Website (click on “Newsfeed”, scroll down to Daily Instruction, click on “Daily Agenda - Grade Change Request”). On the “Daily Agenda – Grade Change Request” spreadsheet you will see four columns. Column one holds teacher’s names, column two holds courses taught by that teacher, column three is the Grade Change Request form for that class and column four is a link to the teacher’s static site. Click on the “Grade Change Request” link and complete the form. You will need to complete a Grade Change Request for each class in which you want a grade changed. Grade Change Request Forms will be available Tuesday, May 26, 2020. 
  • Grades changes will not be made until Friday, June 5, 2020. Parents and students will have until noon, June 8, 2020 to contact teachers if the grade appearing in Skyward is not accurate.
  • Please contact your students’ current counselor if you have any questions about how a “P” or an “NC” will affect your students Grade Point Average or academic standing.

Important information about P (pass) grades

  • Currently, the NCAA calculates Ps as Ds as they relate to NCAA scholarships (find updated NCAA reactions to COVID-19 here). However, the NCAA is issuing COVID – 19 Waivers. For student athletes it will be important to print off and retain this information for any future eligibility discussions. There may also be other private scholarships, that affect a small number of students, that operate in the same manner.
  •  Scholarships administered by The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) (including both Regent’s and New Century) will not be affected by P/I. 
    • Federal financial aid guidelines are dependent on the pace of credit earning versus GPA and so will presumably be unaffected by P/I.
  •  A P (pass) does not positively or negatively impact a students Grade Point Average (GPA).


Important information about NC (No Credit) grades

  • An NC (no credit) does not positively or negatively impact a student’s GPA.
  • An NC means that a student did not earn credit for the class.
  • Students MUST make up NC (no credit) grades in classes required for graduation (for Freshmen this would include Language Arts, World Geography, Mathematics and possibly PST. Science requirements can be met by taking an additional science course at the high school that fulfills a requirement similar to the students’ current course).
  • An NC may prevent you from being eligible for fall sports at the high school. Utah High School Activities Association Scholastic Rule, in part, states: A student-athlete cannot fail more than one subject in the preceding grading period (for purposes of this rule, a failure in a multi-period subject shall be counted as the number of failures equal to the number of periods in the class); and, must have obtained a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0, for the preceding grading period, based on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent. Incompletes (I), no grades (NG) and no credits (NC) are considered failures and must be factored into the grade point average (GPA) until made up. The GPA must be recalculated once an I, NG or NC has been made up, with the new grade replacing the deficiency. A recalculation of the GPA would also need to be done if deficiencies are replaced during the summer grading period. In order to replace the deficiency obtained during the final grading period, the new grade must be earned in the same subject area and must come from a summer program that has been approved by the school district, charter or private school. Deficiencies, for purposes of this rule, include any letter grade. No other makeup work is accepted to gain academic eligibility during the school year.

 Questions concerning graduation credit – please contact your/your student’s high school counselor.


  • When an assignment doesn't make sense, or you have tried to upload something and it just doesn't work, contact your teacher and set up a video conference. While email is a great tool, it isn't always the best way for us to communicate. Teachers are online and more than willing to video conference with students (and parents with the student present) to provide the assistance you need.



HOMEWORK HOTLINE - 385-218-3003

  • Hours
    • Monday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 
    • Tuesday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    • Wednesday 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    • Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    • Friday 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. 


  • Questions regarding Canvas, Google Classroom, Accessibility
  • Open Monday - Friday   8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   801-567-8999


  • Falcon’s Lair - Pages



  • In order to receive timely information from Sunset Ridge, it is important that we have accurate contact information. If you and your student will update your Skyward information, it will make it easier for us to communicate with you. Thank you!



As many of you know by now, Governor Herbert and State School Superintendent Syd Dickson announced yesterday that school dismissal will continue through the end of the year. We know that this is a difficult time for families and many of you are concerned about your and your families health and well being. We will continue to be online with our students, encouraging them to participate in activities that allow them to feel part of something bigger than themselves, while practicing social distancing. We will provide clear consistent instruction and will continue to post the daily instructional agenda in our NEWS FEED so that parents and students know where to access instruction and what needs to be completed. Please check our NEWS FEED for our online learning schedule. We got off to a rough start last week, but things will get better, and we will persevere! Be Fearless Falcons! Take care of yourselves and one another!


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