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Photo of Sandi Achi
Sandi Achi French DLI World Languages
Room: Port 3
Photo of Jami Adams
Jami Adams Counselor Counseling and Guidance
Photo of Crystal Ahre
Crystal Ahre Visual Art Fine Arts
Room: 1508 Class Website
Photo of Rachel Atkin
Rachel Atkin Sewing FACS – CTE
Room: 1311
Photo of Terri Austin
Terri Austin Assistant Attendance Office
Photo of Tammy Barber
Tammy Barber Language Arts 7 Language Arts
Room: 2609
Photo of Nicole Barnett
Nicole Barnett Cashier Nutrition
Photo of Barbara Bishop
Barbara Bishop Lunch Manager Nutrition
Photo of Tyler Blain
Tyler Blain Science 8 Science
Room: 1106 Class Website
Photo of Lindsay Blowers
Lindsay Blowers Language Arts 7 Language Arts
Room: 2304 Class Website
Photo of Mitchell Brasga
Mitchell Brasga Theater Fine Arts
Room: 1313
Photo of Carmen Buchanan
Carmen Buchanan Mathematics Special Education
Room: 1304
Photo of Paula Butterfield
Paula Butterfield Language Arts 8 Language Arts
Room: 1103 Class Website Disclosure Addendum
Photo of Jennifer Cannon
Jennifer Cannon Classroom Aide
Photo of Harriet Cherry
Harriet Cherry Classroom Aide
Photo of Kim Christensen
Kim Christensen Mathematics Special Education
Room: 1307
Photo of Erin Clelland
Erin Clelland Biology Science
Room: 2108 Class Website
Photo of Roseangela Cook
Roseangela Cook Cashier Nutrition