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CHHS Sophomore Registration

Dear 9th grade Parents and Students, 

Now is the time to begin registering for next year’s classes at Copper Hills High School.  They are doing things a little differently than in years past, so please be sure that you are aware of the two required registration dates.  

1.Course Requests for core classes are now being taken and will continue until April 3.    Students can request their core classes (Language Arts, Science, Math, History) at this time.  They will be requesting classes only, not specific teachers. This is not “Arena” scheduling. This is a request only - so no need to rush to get on.  Make sure your request is done before Friday April 3.   

Students will make these requests through their Skyward account.  We have a video with instructions below:

2. Arena scheduling will be Friday, May 1 at 4:00 until May 4.  This is when you will be able to schedule the rest of your classes.  It Is first-come - so it’s important to have a plan of what classes you would like, along with being online at the time to register before  classes fill up. Students will be able to see where their core classes are in their schedule and be able to make changes at that time.  

Please look for more information in your mailbox and inbox during spring break.  

  1. Not sure what classes to register for next year? 
  • Our counselors explain everything in this video: 


  • Sophomore Required classes:

  • Copper Hills High School graduation requirements:

  • Copper Hills High School Registration information: Scroll down to “Step Two: Arena Scheduling for 2020-2021”

Estimados Padres y Estudiantes,

Si ustedes tienen preguntas sobre cómo entrar en Arena Scheduling en Skyward para inscribirse en clases para el año que viene (esto es para escoger cuales clases quieren y a qué hora, etc.), hay un video en el siguiente enlace.

Please contact your school counselor with any questions.