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Letter from Mrs. Clelland

Big Thank you to Mrs. Clelland for the letter she sent out to parents. We want to share it with all of you as we believe the message resonates for us all.

A Letter to SRMS Parents

Dear Parents –

Things sure changed overnight, didn’t they? The surreal situation we find ourselves in with Coronavirus distancing and students being taught online is something we did not see coming. It’s been an adjustment of epic proportions for teachers, students, and parents alike.

I want to encourage you to hang in there with your student’s education. Don’t give up. Throughout history, our ancestors have been challenged to thrive in the most difficult of situations and now it’s our turn. Now it’s your children’s turn and I can tell you – they are up to it. They can learn new skills, become more self-sufficient, advocate for themselves, and engage in the struggle to get the answers they need. They can do this!

At Sunset Ridge, your child has multiple people working hard to make sure students continue to learn. Teachers and administrators are trying new technology and reaching out to our students in a myriad of ways. We have staff checking on those who are not participating. We are using video chats and live sessions to field questions, offer instructions, and explain procedures and concepts. And we are typing, typing, typing, so we can connect with our students one-on-one. We are teaching in a new way – but we are still teaching!

Please do not allow your student to “sit this one out.” This may be a trying time, but what a lesson in resilience and strength! What an opportunity to practice persistence and plain old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness! The distancing and online learning will eventually end. When it does, will your student be tougher? Stronger? More independent? Will they have learned to “adapt, achieve, and overcome?” Those skills may actually be more important than the content they’ve acquired.

Whatever it takes, we are here for you at Sunset Ridge. We are putting in extra hours to adjust how we deliver curriculum and to reach out to our students at times that are best for them. We are in front of our computer screens and checking our phones until we go to bed at night, so we can be there for you and your children. This is doable, and we urge you to foster this positive outlook within your families. Tell them we love them – because we do. And hang in there with all of us here at SRMS. We can do this!

- Mrs. Clelland